Custom Corporate Logo Surfboard

If you are looking for a custom made corporate logo surfboard for your company or business then look no further. 

Currently we handle corporate logo surfboards for many major brands and can have an awesome branded logo surfboard made for your business, event, trade show, give away etc etc. 

Below are just a few of the corportae logo style surfboards we have made for various companies


This surfboard was made for the rock band The Cult to use as state props on a recent tour. 

corporate logo company display surfboard

This surfboard was made for Sandys HB a local restaurant in Huntington Beach, Ca. 

corporate logo company display surfboard


The below corporate branded logo surfboard was made for the Kaluha Liquor brand as a prop for a company party. 


custom corporate company logo surfboard

The below company branded logo surfboard was made for the Nestle, corporation for a sales event. 

custom corporate logo company surfboard

The below branded company logo surfboard was made for a great company called Cause Wallet for the US Open Of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Ca. 

company corporate logo branded surfboard

The Below 3 images were made for a skateboard company out of New York called 

custom company branded logo surfboard

custom corporate business logo surfboard


corporate business logo surfboard

Thanks for checking out a few of the custom corporate logo and business logo surfboards we have made over the past few years. 

If you are searching for a reliable surfboard company that can produce the best possible branded surfboards for your business then please give us the opportunity to show you what we can do. 


  • Hi, I’m the marketing manager for a cybersecurity company called Trillium Secure. We’re in the market to purchase 4~7 decorative surfboards that have our brand identity and corporate logo. Can we get a quote for this bulk purchase? Thank you

    Kevin Em
  • I would like to get a custom surf board for our company PUFF Cannabis Co

    You can check out the logo at

    Instagram @puffcannabisco

    What are costs. Can you help design an amazing board?


    Sean Conacher

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