Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you ship a surfboard to me?

    We can ship surfboards anywhere, domestic or international. Shipping usually starts at $150 for boards under 7’0”. For a free quote on shipping a surfboard out to you, email us at Bobd@carrozzasurfboards.com with your address and board height.
  • How long does a custom surf board take to build?

    Custom surf board orders normally take  between 4-8 weeks, depending on your requests and the time of year. A Clear-sanded finish with no artwork, normally takes about 4 weeks. Color,  gloss finishes and other requests such as EPS or special blank orders add time, but no later than 8 weeks for the majority of special orders. 
  • How much is a custom board?

    Custom surf boards start at $525.00, color adds $35 to $100 (or more depending on the work
  • Do I need to pick an existing model?

    We can build you anything you can dream up! Have an idea for a board, contact us and we talk it over and help you design it on our 3d modeling software, so you can see your board before its even built!
  • Do you make custom logo display boards?

  • Yes we do! We build custom logo surfboards, display surfboards, wall hangers and corporate branded logo surfboards for major companies. 
  • When is your factory showroom open?

    Monday-Friday 12-5pm.  Saturday 11-2pm  Sundays we’re closed,. We’re located at 155559 Graham Street, Huntington Beach Ca, 92649 call 949-381-1754 and make sure we're not doing a coffee or burrito run!
  • Do you do surfboard repair?

    YES! Surfboard repair costs will vary based on the ding, so please stop by with your board and we'll give you an estimate within a few minutes. We can usually get your repair work done within 7 days.
    • Have a question that isnt answered above? Use the contact form below and we'll get back to you.