About us

Carrozza Surfboards Huntington Beach

custom surf board shaper

Having learned the craft of surfboard building while living in Maui, I was able to build boards for all wave types from blown out junky surf and pumping outer reef waves. I love to build fishes, short boards and long boards, what ever the waves call for, my passion lies in the craftsmanship that goes along with building a performance based surfboard. 

I thrive on surfing and connecting with other surfers in and out of the water. I'm always designing new boards and testing new theories. I fell in love with surfing at a young age and knew that it would always be part of my life. 

It's been over 12 years with my own shop here in Huntington Beach and building boards for surfers all over Southern California, Hawaii, the East Coast and Mexico.

To be honest, it's not that difficult to build a board that works for a surfer who rips. It's difficult to craft a board that helps someone summit "the next level". That's what we can offer that the commercial surf brands can't: a shaper-surfer relationship, like the old days, where we take the time and back and forth required to figure out what's needed in a surfboard to actually unlock that next level.

We specialize in designing and building functional, high performance surfboards for a wide range of styles and ability levels. 

Chris, with the vision, in the Mentawai's.