Custom Resin Tint Surfboard for Dylan

Custom resin tint surfboard 

This was an interesting board. Dylan wanted something similar to a "fun shape" style board, pulled in tail and more pulled in nose that a traditional rounded nose. Had fun doing all the resin work and our sander Rob did a great job on the gloss polish. This board is 7'3" x 21" x 2.87" with 49L volume. 

Did all the color with resin tints and added the pinline between sanding and gloss coat. 

Don't really have a name for this board. Its based off a board called the Moped which is a pretty rocker'd out fun shape style board. 

If you are looking for a specific type of shape, maybe something hard to find with resin tints, swirls, gloss polish etc and you want to work 1 on 1 with a shaper to have your dream board build. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss costs and production times. You can then come into our shop and we can build the board on our 3D modeling program so you can see your new board before its even begun to be built!

resin tint surfboard

All color work on this board was done with resin. We did a blue resin tint on the deck, and then added a multiple color resin swirl on the bottom. 

resin swirl surfboard

We finished this board out with a pin line that was added in between the sanding and gloss resin stage. Then our sander Rob killed on the gloss sanding! This board came out with a mirror shine. 

70's style surfboard resin tint

The inspiration for this outline was our client Dylans want for a fun shape style board, but with more curves, rocker, concave and a more pulled in squash tail. 

Ultimately this board will have glide like no other!

squash tail fun shape surfboard


If this shape inspires you, catches your eye, or you are interested in having something like this built please contact us and we'll respond with in 1 business day. 



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