High Performance small wave twin fin

High Performance small wave twin fin

We call this little shreddy nugget the "Salad Shooter" 

This high performance twin fin is designed exclusively for ripping the heck out of any little nugget in the kneed to waist high range that your local break can throw your way. 

I've only build 4 of these so far, but each one has had glowing reviews! The board featured below is 5'4" X 20 3/4" x 2 1/2" 

I put a small about of belly in the first 6 inches that flows into a single concave with some serious double concave that starts about 1/3 back from the tail and runs deep through the fins and out the tail for maximum responsiveness and nothing but shred-ability in crappy surf. 

high performance twin fin groveler

The salad shooter model is another happy accident that I had no idea would work so good when I was originally shaping it. My friend and business colleague Josh from precision shaping in HB was throwing away and old yellowed surfboard blank that he had done some testing on with his shaping machine. The blank was pretty messed up and ugly and looked like a back yard board builders first attempt at shaping a 7'0" fun shape or egg style board. 

I took out some templates and made a sort of "tomb stone surf board" outline similar to my El Stumpo model. 

From my past experience people really liked the El Stumpo model in certain types of waves, but the average surfer that was looking for more drive and performance didnt like the vee entry in the board as it made the board really loose and squirly in steeper surf. I knew I wanted to make a more high performance version of the El Stumpo for some time. The outlines between these two boards, while similar, are different in some aspects. 

high performance twin fin surfboard

I had a hard time getting the lighting right in the shaping room so its tough to see the single concave with all the double concave in the fins. The resin tint on this board is dark as well which made it hard to get contrast in the photos. Anyway you can see about how much board there is in between the twin keel fins. Theres tons of surface area there for water to shoot through and at the same time get broken up by the deep double concave that runs out the tail. 

high performance twin fin groveler

Above you can see where the "tomb stone surfboard" vibe comes from. Its funny when you think about a board like this. Its almost the most simple outline possible combined with some pretty extreme concave and the board just goes blazing fast in small waves. 

The tail rocker on this board is right about 1" on this model and around 1.5" in the nose. This board would be considered the most high performance twin fin I've ever made that works in the smallest possible waves. 

My partner Bob, who is 6'1" and 190lbs rode my original 5'0" and was blown away at how good the board went, and a person 6'1" and 190lbs should not be riding a 5'0" - 

high performance twin tin

The photo above shows the concave in the fins better - you can actually see the reflection on the high point in between the twin fins. With the tail rocker being so low on this board the extreme double in tail ads an element of responsiveness you wouldn't normally have in a flatter bottom traditional single concave board, also with the tail being so wide the extreme double allows the board to roll rail to rail much easier than you would think a board like this board work. 

high performance twin fin surfboard

One of the coolest things I like about this board is I came up with the twin fin template by hand and made these fins myself. It takes a lot longer to make fins from raw materials but it add's a really cool element to the finished product. 

When I make twin keels by hand I like to add a little more curve and rake to the fin to give the board a little more performance than you would normally get with a straighter more traditional twin keel fin. 

high performance twin fin with resin tint surfboard

This last photo shows the rounded nose of this board and gives a good perspective of how the water would just shoot down the bottom of this board and through those twin keel fins. 

Overall this is just such a groovy little small wave surf board. I've ridden mine in small little waves and fun little waves in the waist high range and just had a blast, its really loose and slidey so you can get pretty torqued out in tiny surf. 

I rode twin fin in some bigger more powerful waves and the results where as I expected, a bit hard to control but still fun as long as your'e not looking to have the hold of a traditional thruster. Overall this is my go-to for waist high waves or shoulder to head high surf that is really rolling and not steep at all. 

If you're looking for a twin fin or custom board of another type, I invite you to stop by my factory at 15559 Graham St. in HB or call 949-381-1754

If you cant make it to the shop I'm available by skype as well to discuss any board needs you have and I can ship boards all over the US. 

The boar featured in these photos is built with traditional poly construction, multi colored resin tint , double pin line and gloss polish finish with hand made keel fins. 

Please contact me here to discuss more, or leave a comment below. 


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