Summer Time groveler surfboards

Things have been busy around the Carrozza Surfboards factory. We've been quietly building custom surfboards for some of So Cals finest! We've been spending time honing in on what makes certain surfboard models go so well and trying to use that formula to continue to deliver super fun, easy to ride surfboards that the everyday surfer can jump on and have a fun surf session no matter what the conditions throw at them. 

We've recently spent a day filming with Huntington Beach ripper Jeremy Jennings testing out the Loose Change model which is a high performance groveler designed for absolute ripping in knee high to about chest high sized surf. This surfboard model is specifically designed for junk conditions, or very small clean good waves. The Loose Change stays nice and loose in gutless surf and once the waves get a little power the board will border on uncontrollable. If you live in where the waves are not good and you want a board that is specifically designed for small waves this is the board for you!

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