Surfboard Shaping Lessons

Surfboard Shaping Lessons

Are you looking for surfboard shaping lessons?

Are you ready to pick up the jig saw and hack out a giant junk of foam?

Are you ready to grab the planer and mow down a surfboard blank for a few hours and fin tune it into a perfectly crafted shred sled?

Surfboard shaping lessons can be a really fun experience and something that all surfers should do, at least once in their life. But theres a big reason that the entire surfboard industry has all but transitioned away from traditional "hand shaping" to the much more accurate and technologically advanced surfboard shaping that uses computers and 3D imaging to design boards. There are benefits to both ways of doing things, but with the old school hand shaping way of designing surfboards all but dead, we'd like to show you how and why all surfers should learn to design their own surfboards with a 3D surfboard modeling program. 

Surfboard Shaping Lessons

The old school way!

1) Schedule a lesson with local shaper or surf shop

2) Show up and go into the shaping room with the instructor

3) Learn how to choose a wooden template to make an outline for you new surfboard

4) Pick up a power saw and cut out the edge of the outline on the board. You only get one shot at this, lets make it a good one! 

5) Follow instructions to use the power planer and remove the "skin" from the blank (don't forget your dust mask as the foam is really flying at this point) goggles are good idea also. 

6) Shear form the rails and tucked under edge

7) Screen the rails, clean up the stringer. 

8) Scratch yourself like crazy from all the foam dust. 

9) Hopefully you've got something that resembles a surfboard at this point. 

10) Have your new surfboard glassed and then take it to the beach and give it a go! Congrats you made a surfboard, how does it work?


You can take a Surfboard Design Class at our factory!

You'll learning everything you need to know to design any surfboard you want, right from your home PC or laptop. 

1) Grab a drink, sit on couch, open laptop, design any surfboard you want. 

2) Email file design to CNC machine operator

3) Email the glassing factory the details about your board with fin box choices and art options. 

4) pick up your perfect new board from the glasser (that you saved about 50% on from the cost of a regular shop board) 

5) Take those savings and do it all over again! 


  • What an awesome idea! I took a surfboard shaping lesson but it was way more work that I had anticipated and it was fun but my board came out kinda funky! This looks awesome!

    Kelly Ranger
  • been looking for a 3d shaping program for a long time. I took surfboard shaping lessons a couple times but the learning curve was crazy steep. I cant wait to take this class!


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