Carrozza Brat Surfboard
diamond tail groveler surfboard
Carrozza Brat Surfboard
high performance groveler
diamond tail quad fin surfboard
high volume shortboard surfboard

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The Carrozza Surfboards Brat model surfboard is a very stubby high performance short board model designed for ripping in all types of surf conditions. A wider template makes this board great for getting into waves early, easy paddling and easy speed generation. Guys that huck airs, hacks and slides love this board for its short stubby nature that provides lots of surface area for easy landings and recovery from critical turns.

The Brat features a single concave to Vee in the tail. This board works great as a thruster or quad fin and works well in a variety of conditions. Set up the quad for the mushy average days at your local beach break and watch how fast and slidey you can get. If they waves get better switch over to a thruster / tri fin set up and see just how much hold this board has. Overall this is a very versatile board that can be somewhat of a "quiver killer." Ride this board approximately 2 - 4 inches shorter than your standard shortboard.

Stock Dimensions:

Height Width Thickness Volume
5'0" 16.8" 2' 18.52
5'2" 17.4" 2" 20.4
5'4" 18" 2.1" 22.4
5'6" 18.5" 2.18" 24.6
5'8" 19" 2.25" 27
5'10" 19.5" 2.3" 29
6'0" 20.25" 2.38" 32
6'2" 20.8" 2.4" 34.6
6'4" 21.4" 2.5" 37.5
6'6" 21.9" 2.57" 40.5
6'8" 22.5" 2.6" 43.75