Carrozza Brofessional Surfboard
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Carrozza Brofessional Surfboard
Carrozza Brofessional Surfboard
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Carrozza Brofessional Surfboard
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Carrozza Brofessional Surfboard
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high performance daily driver surfboard

Brofessional Model : High Performance daily driver surfboard.

This board has been designed for average surfers to rippers, those that like to ride high performance surfboards but need a bit more volume than the chippy high performance shape.

This board was designed using the front half of our Heater Model and the back half of our Loose Change model. We developed this model for the needs of everyday surfers that like a slightly fuller volume shortboard but still want the performance aspects of a low volume high performance shortboard.

The Brofessional model features a moderate single to double concave with a baby amount of Spiral Vee out the tail. This board stays loose and lively in any condition you can throw at it. Check out the video below!