Carrozza El Stumpo Surfboard
el stumpo mini simmons quad fin surfboard
resin tint mini simmons quad
mini simmons quad fin surfboard
mini simmons quad fin surfboard
high performance mini simmons quad
quad fin mini simmons surfboard
quad fin mini simmons groveler
quad fin mini simmons groveler

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El Stumpo

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A Mini Simmons quad fin Inspired surfboard! Super fast and super loose Mini Simmons style quad. Own the groveler days, ultra loose and fast. Paddles and catches waves easily but stays nice and loose for easy down the line speed. Great for banking up and down the face, making it over slow mushy sections and connecting waves where your normal daily driver shortboard would sink.

Very low entry and tail rocker, very wide template throughout the nose to tail, and some solid double concave make this board very fast and loose, the tail has a nice wide V for responsiveness. Designed for ankle to head high surf that is mushy and weak.