Carrozza Heater Surfboard
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Carrozza Heater Surfboard
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The Heater Model: A high performance shortboard model, designed to kill it. This is the daily driver surfboard model for the dedicated ripper. This board is your go to shred stick for the surfer that wants to surf at their highest level in all conditions. Originally developed in Hawaii as one of Chris Carrozza's favorite boards for all around conditions, the Heater is a loose and fast high performance shortboard design. Performance rails, a moderate single to double concave with either flat out the tail. Grab the Heater model as your go to daily driver for ultimate ripping in waist high to well overhead surf.

Our most aggressive rockers and deep concaves, performance-rails, and a nice amount of nose and tail rocker make the heater responsive and very maneuverable in the most critical waves. A great board for daily ripping, but still performs in head high to double overhead draining conditions.

Check out some quick footage of South African X-WQS warrior Rudy Palmboom surfing a 6'0" X 18.5" X 2.25" Heater model in some lumpy Huntington Beach south swell.

Below is a quick video of Huntington Beach team rider Jeremy Jennings surfing a north OC secret spot :) on his 6'0" X 18.6" X 2.2" Heater, Volume is 27L on this model.