Carrozza Lil Buddy Surfboard
quad fin high performance small wave surfboard
swallow tail groveler surfboard
Carrozza Lil Buddy Surfboard
Carrozza Lil Buddy Surfboard
high performance groveler fish surfboard
Carrozza Lil Buddy Surfboard
shortboard fish hybrid quad fin groveler swallow tail carrozza lil buddy
quad fin groveler surfboard
diamond tail surfboard carrozza lil buddy model
diamond tail groveler surfboard

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Lil Buddy

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The Ultimate high performance groveler surfboard: Designed for absolute destruction in junk waves. Airs, Hacks, Slides, Cuttys, wherever your mind goes on the wave, the Lil Buddy will follow. The Lil Buddy Model was the #1 seller when launched at our board demo in June of 2013, surpassing all other boards with only a 6 month production time. We get nothing but positive feedback about this board. The Lil Buddy model should be sized about the same as your high performance fish dimensions.

The Lil Buddy is a hybrid stubby groveler that features key elements from our Magic Fish and BFF model surfboards. This Board is gonna blow you away in small waves and can easily be that daily board if the waves you surf everyday are less than good. If you like the ease of a fish but want something more performance oriented then the Lil Buddy is for you. This is our ultimate Stubby Groveler Surfboard Model. Recommended as a quad but available as a five fin set up for thruster use or nubster fin.