Daily Driver Surfboards and High Performance Quad Fish Surfboards

Just a few of the boards we have recently built at our factory. We build lots of boards, and they are all special, but there are always a few that stand out from the crowd. Theres always those select boards that have people drooling as they pass by the finished board rack. Below are a  few of the recents ones that have been turning heads and getting the juices flowing. 

This is our Heater Model, which is an all around High Performance Shortboard designed to be surfed in waist high or bigger surf. The board feature below is 6'2" X 19.5" X 2 5/8" , this particular board has been set up as a five fin to be ridden as a quad or thruster. People always talk about how great this board works with both fin setups and as a quad it has tons of drive in the tube. If you're looking for step up style board for when the waves are a bit better and more curvy then this is a great call, or if you are a solid surfer and you enjoy a board that requires a carving power approach you will love this board, if you're the "air guy" then this may not be the board for you, unless you want it for larger hollow waves. 

High performance surfboard

The next board that have been getting a lot of attention at our factory is this version of the Magic Fish we recently built. The Magic Fish is a groovy little fish shape that is geared towards the surfer that likes to go fast and surf slashy and slidey. We use some aggressive entry Vee and deep spiral Vee out the tail to the board is loose and likes to really carve around on the wave. Works well in smaller surf but still has lots of hold and drive when the waves turn on, a great "all around style surfboard" that has low entry rocker so it paddles and catches waves easily and then once the rider is up its loose and lively. 

High Performance Quad Fish

The next board that has the froth meters red lining is this version of the brofessional that we built for local Huntington Beach ripper Lea Taylor. The Brofessional is a great daily driver, or utility board as people call it now a days. Its a bit wider than your traditional high performance shortboard such as our Heater model, but its not a full on groveler like our Loose Change, which has a wider fuller outline. The Brofessional falls right in the middle of the surfboard spectrum. We alway get great feedback on the brofessional model. Most of our team riders have one in their quiver. Its a tried and true shred sled that will deliver the goods for a wide range of surfers. 

Daily Driver Surfboard


Thanks for taking a peek at what we've been up to. If you have questions about any of our boards please use the contact form to get in touch or just stop by our factory Monday - Friday 12-5 and Saturdays 11-2, always best to call first though. 949-381-1754

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