Here comes the Stub Heater

We're excited to launch a new model in the next couple of weeks. Being a small board builder in Huntington Beach, Ca we don't get to launch new board models as often as we'd like to. We don't have financial backers or 1000's of dollars to build new models and send riders on trips to test them out, but we are still very passionate about bringing forth new designs to help surfers keep and or find that fresh feeling we all crave when surfing. 

Based of our Heater model, comes the Stub Heater! This board has been built for surfers that prefer a drivey on rail carving approach to their surfing but need a board that allows for this style of surfing in average to less than good conditions. Our Heater model works really well when the surf starts to turn on and has a little more juice, but as with any board like that everybody always said " I wish I had a small wave version of this board" So we tested some rockers and concave combos and came up with this fuller outline, lower overall rocker version of the Heater which stays loose and lively in smaller surf and allows for the heavy back footed carving approach in the everyday waves of So Cal and beyond. 

Overall the Stub Heater stays curvy in the mid rail line, just like the Heater, but the curve of the stub heater rail carries more forward into a fuller nose allowing for more forward volume for easier wave entry and easier speed generation in smaller, less powerful surf (what we get here in so cal) . The tail on the Stub Heater stays pulled in to allow the tight arching turns and lots of hold and drive. We use an overall single concave on this board. 

We'll have this board available soon and some video footage for you as well! For now were just super excited because this board works insane and we're stoked to bring you a new design that will help your surfing improve in the lackluster so cal waves!

High performance small wave surfboard

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